Catch Me if You Can

Wondering what a handicap race is? I was too. I figured perhaps it was something from the Tonya Harding school of competitive sports, but apparently not. Here’s how Coach Rick described it to me:

“Each race category does the same amount of laps – BUT start at different times which the commissaires usually determine; cat 5 go off first, then 4, then 3; all categories should finish at the same time if the handicaping is proper and if everyone works together. If not, then the cat 5 will win; and that ticks off the 4 and 3 categories.  The goal is to have everyone finish at the same time which indicates the handicapping start times are accurate. Usually everyone regroups with about 5km to go and finishes in a large sprint finish. Due to the climb only the strongest will contest the true finish as the others will get burned off.  Overall, it is a fast hard wo for all.  And fun as well.  The hard riding starts right from the gun because of the time gaps that need to be made up.”

Ah. Much different than what I had in my head. I’m told these races used to happen all the time around here. I’m also told they are a hell of a lot of fun.

And look at that sweet, sweet poster. Resistance is futile my friends.

Bring a can for Winnipeg Harvest as part of your entry fee (Get it…? Catch me if you CAN?). We’re also looking for volunteers. There’s worse ways to spend a lovely summer evening than in a front row seat at a bike race, yes?

Entry forms and race bible are here. Crowbars not required or recommended.