A Glass Half Full

I don’t know who came up with the idea that a glass half full was a good thing. Personally I prefer my glass entirely full, depending of course on what it’s full of. As of late I can’t say my glass has been full, but it hasn’t been entirely empty either – which is a good thing, because an empty glass really is the shits.

The Bad News is that I’ve royally buggered up my leg, in what could easily described as yet another inevitable fall off a bike. I say inevitable only because every time I get on a bike these days I seem to somehow get violently and unceremoniously launched off of it, like a cowboy trying to break in a wild and untamed (albeit inanimate) stallion.

The Badder News is that I’ve buggered up my leg right in the apex of cyclocross season. Stupid horse.

The Baddest News? For the very first time, I have a skinsuit. And not just ANY skinsuit. I have the Sweetest Skinsuit in the World – and nowhere to wear it. I suppose I could wear it to work, or to Safeway, although I should probably avoid the hippy aisle.

The Good News is that although I could not attend MennoCross last weekend (which was also Bad News), Jon Millions took about a gazillion pictures at the race, so I got to see the SSITW in action.

At the risk of embarrassing him to no end, I’ve selected David Coughlin as my skinsuit model because he looks so damn good when he races. If there is any reason not to aspire to the A race, it’s being able to watch David and the other fasties do it right. Having spent some time racing with the greats in Belgium, David shows style and technique that can only be described as beautiful. The beard helps too.

I’m pretty pleased with how the skinsuit turned out. Being a “wear it home from the store” kind of gal, I plan on wearing it in St. Malo next weekend, whether I race or not. You have been warned.

In other Good News, I was informed last night that Winnipeg CycleChick has become an Official Keeper Site™ for the Velominati.How exciting is that? But with this great honour comes great responsibility. Henceforth I will do my very best to ensure we are all abiding The Rules to the best of our ability – from our razor sharp tan lines to our meticulously shaved gams.

I for one will be observing Rule #5 as I patiently wait out this injury. In the meantime, I look forward to watching the A race with a very full glass in hand.

Next race up is Beach Cross near my summer stomping grounds in St. Malo – so be sure to practice your French Canadian swears. This one is an Ian & Hal production, so it’s guaranteed to be a gooder. Post tear-down beverages will take place chez CycleChick, just west of town. Plus des details à bientôt.